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"With the move to a knowledge-driven economy, the landscape of corporate hiring has changed dramatically since Devon James Associates Inc. (DJA) was founded in 1992." - Published in Forbes

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About Colleen Aylward, Founder, Author

The world of searching for new employment has changed. Based near Bellevue, Washington, Devon James Associates, Inc. offers job search assistance and personal branding tools nationwide.

Colleen Aylward is a job search expert, speaker, recruiter, and founder of Devon James Associates, Inc. In 1990, she left the corporate world started one of the first Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) in the country. Her "on-site recruiting war room" was implemented at Visio, Amazon®, Cranium®, Avenue A, Brocade Communications and other startups that needed new ways to hire in volume without sacrificing the quality. Fast Company, Forbes, Smart Money, and Washington CEO have interviewed her.

In 2006, she launched InterviewStudio, a software that showcases a job candidate's assets, including video interviews, assessment test results, peer endorsements, and social media data. It has been adopted by many companies for faster candidate screening. In 2010, Ms. Aylward published her book, in which she addressed the crisis of 2.5 million executives who were out of work and didn't know how to navigate the new job search game. She is available for seminars and one-on-one coaching.

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